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Gear inspection facilities that meet global standards
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
An optimal factory environment
Factories in which the temperature is fixed 24 hours a day to ensure products’ quality
In Ogic’s grinding factories, the adoption of a new air-conditioning system maintains the factory with a fixed temperature for 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. This achieves a higher-precision quality management. By maintaining the factory at a fixed temperature, processing machines that are delicate in temperature and humidity are stable while operating. Gears also can avoid thermal expansion. The result is the manufacture of higher precision gears. Ogic’s quality guarantee system constantly progresses to maintain precision.

The new air-conditioning system using a pore ventilation board ensures the temperature is constant throughout the factory. The system ensures that the level of precision of the gears becomes higher, because the processing machines run more stably.

• Temperature control
We constantly determine the humidity in the factory. By controlling the quantity of cold and warm water, we adjust the temperature to a fixed degree of the air blowing through the air conditioning machines.
• Humidity control • Pore ventilation board ceiling system
The humidity in the factory is always detected. During summer months, an air-conditioning machine performs cooling dehumidification, while in winter months, it adjusts humidity by a humidifier built in the air-conditioning machine.

The air-conditioning machine sends pressurization air, whose temperature and humidity have been adjusted, into the ceiling to pressurize the inside of the ceiling. Differences of air pressure from inside the factory make the air to go out through pore ventilation holes, like mist.
Through this process, the air currents in the factory become constant. Temperature and humidity differences