Ogic Co., Ltd -Our company makes gears- Ogic Co., Ltd -Our company makes gears-
Environmental Policy
Ogic Co., Ltd. is a company that manufactures gears.
Under our basic philosophy “to preserve the precious global environment of all mankind for the next generation,” we work on environmental conservation voluntarily and continuously while manufacturing our products.
All of our employees work on ways of preventing pollution and preserving the environment, based on our environmental management system. Our environmental policy is stated below:
  1. We strive to prevent pollution through compliance of environmental regulations and other stipulations agreed on by the company.
  2. Our actions are motivated by the environmental goals and objectives we set These are periodically reviewed.
  3. We strive to conserve energy and resources.
  4. We promote the recycling of resources as well as the reduction of waste materials, and we dispose of waste properly.
  5. We educate all employees to be aware of the environment.
  6. Our environmental policy is available to the public through pamphlets and other materials.