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Fastest delivery-time management in the industry
The achievement of halving lead time
Ogic employs an integrated computer system consisting of production plan simulation software and Point of Production (POP) information management to meet the needs of a wide variety of products during short delivery times. The system can be adjusted per needs.
Before we installed this system, we used to draw production plans once in a week based on requests from the sales department, the capabilities of manufacturing machines and workload. However, it was hard to rearrange production plans when difficult orders suddenly emerged. To meet strict delivery times, staff were forced to work overtime, including on holidays. That pushed our costs higher.
Optimum production plans with the priority on delivery times
The system employed today relies on data - including progress information, setup time, machine capabilities, number of workers, and complete date of subcontract products – to instantly form optimal production plans with priority placed on delivery dates. The system also responds to unscheduled orders while equalizing workloads to avoid overtime work. And yet forecasts are still possible. Moreover, in the event of sudden accidents caused by inferior products or machine stoppages, disruptions can be minimized.
A year since its introduction, the system has managed to halve lead time on received orders compared to the previous year.

Screen from a Gantt chart shows jobs placed by a scheduler. Delivery lead times are cut in half thanks to a reduction of accumulated work-in-progress products.
A sample screen of a POP terminal that guides workers on site. It indicates workload and starting times by the minute so that orders cannot be altered through workers’ own judgment.