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Gear design development engineers
Gear design development engineers
Design and develop your gears free of charge.
Gear design support
• The measurement of gears calculates engagement rate, slip rate and gear thickness.
• Gear strength calculations are based on JGMA401-01 and 402-02 standards.
• Loads on gears and bearings are calculated.
• Noise control (slide rate and hertz stress graph)

Calculation of gear strength
• Gear strength calculations are based on ANSI/AGMA2001 C95 standards.
• Detailed values, including strength of gear bending, gear face, duration, and geometrical coefficients.
• Slide rates, hertz stress, film thickness, flash temperature graph, and fraction and scoring probability.

transmission gap analysis
• Analyzing the transmission gap of gear rotation
• Evaluated by transmission gap graph and wow and flutter graph

Analysis of FEM tooth form applied power
• Analyzing applied power by load affecting teeth
• Calculating modified amount of tooth form by the amount of tooth displacement
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