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The OPAL80 is a new type of high-precision gear-forming grinder that boasts a high rate of productivity. It's suited for grinding spur or helical gears with outer diameters of up to 1,000 millimeters. The forming is extremely precise, because the forming and dressing of the grindstone are done directly on the machine. As for grinding methods, the user can select whether to grind either one or both sides of a gear. Thanks to the machine's high level of performance, it's possible to grind from raw materials before the gear teeth are cut. The grinding system developed by this new concept can produce various types of gears, in small or medium quantities, for automobiles, aircraft, machine tools, vehicles, elevators, and other items at low cost yet with high precision.
inner teeth modules inner diameter outer diameter helix angle weight
(6.0 proven track record)
250-450 -700 1.5t (including jig)
outer teeth maximum outer diameter
Max.tip circle dia
minimum teeth root diameter
Min.root circle dia
maximum teeth width
Max.lace width
Min.and MAX module
maximum furnishing load
MAX. weight of workpiece
1000mm 15mm 630mm 1-16 1500kg