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Making powerful gears that run quietly.
Recent changes to the machine’s structure have helped improve its rigidity and control.
Newly developed grindstones are also capable of double the production speed of the previous models.
It makes gears that are true to their design NEW!!
All the shafts are NC controlled, so that the shape of the teeth remain consistent by special modules, modification of pressure angles, and engagement rate.

We make prototype hypoid gears during short delivery times and at low cost.
It is possible to grind from raw materials without having the teeth cut.
The double lead worm gear set, which boasts the No.1 market share
High precision double lead worm gears are finally completed, after obtaining cooperation with hobbing makers and many other companies.
High-precision curvic coupling

We make prototype hypoid gears during short delivery periods and at low cost
Launching an artificial satellite. NEW!!

Processing gears made of special materials, such as AMS and titanium, and the turning of parts that are complex and thin.
A JIS 0-level guarantee

OPAL80 is a new type of high-precision, high-productivity forming gear grinder.

Hypoid-gear electrode processing is available to you.
Easy to produce electrodes for precision-forging metal molds

Design and develop your gears free of charge.
We offer support on many fronts, including gear design, gear strength calculation, transmission gap analysis, and analysis of FEM tooth form applied power.
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