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For manufacturing small quantities of bevel gears, Ogic’s spiral bevel gear grinders can make these gears from raw materials without the teeth being cut. With this method, prototypes or small quantities can be manufactured economically and with short delivery periods, without having to prepare gear-teeth cutting tools that are expensive and require long delivery periods.
By adopting a data link system for the final grinding process, it enables the creation of gears by simply following their designs. In addition, designers can directly receive noise and load-capacity data.
Following the above process, We have accumulated expertise of spiral bevel gears and hypoid gears.
The computer-assisted value revised program is advocated by the Klingenberg Oericon Group. It revises the gap between the actual measurement and nominal data of bevel hypoid gear teeth in a way that’s fully automatic and efficient.
Applicable systems
Klingelnberg cyclo-palloid / Klingelnberg palloid / Oerlikon spiroflex / Oerlikon / Oerlikon / Gleason Duplex Completing / Gleason 5 cut / Gleason triac