Ogic Co., Ltd -Our company makes gears- Ogic Co., Ltd -Our company makes gears-
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Toward the 60th anniversary of the Ogic and 2012, 150% increase of sales to 3,000 millions were recorded in the interim plan, and we are moving toward our goal as being the top company in the specialized field in the industry.
At the moment, we have been expanding our sales & service network, and began active sales activity both domestically and internationally to improve convenience for our customer.

Facility investment is the source of competitiveness in the manufacturing industry, to differentiate ourselves from the competitors and establish a firm position in the industry, we aggressively introduce the proud of industry top share such as master warm gear set, high precision hypoid Spiral Bevel Gear area, the sheet-fed offset press in Flat/ Helical Gear area.

The gear product user of Ogic mainly focus on the Machine Tool Industry, and we devote our capability into the consignment processing of gear to process based on almost 100% of user’s design. Although it is very difficult to show originality in this field, we tried all possible measures to differentiate ourselves in the technology which won’t end in a simple subcontract, so as to build a firm position in the industry. At this moment, to open the market with high value adding user, we have entered into the development/ trial department of automotive industry, the aviation industry, etc, and are receiving very high praise.

When judging whether a product is good or bad, there are 2 viewpoints which are the birth of design and the breeding of production, within that, the breeding of gear (Production) is a typical product regarded as important. China and other Asian countries are catching up rapidly these days, as long as the design is good, most of the product can be manufactured wherever they want. The high value adding gear manufacturing company Ogic, from now on will follow the policy to continue to appeal the goodness in Japan while developing the winning road in the gear profession.
Let work with Ogic together in the future and head to the road of success.